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Here We Go Again!

Welcome to my website and blog! And if you’ve been here before from the UzuOnTheGo days, it is so good to have you back!

I originally recreated this website to start my freelance business consulting gig. But after pondering over my intentions and purpose and just sitting with the idea of this platform, I realized I want to open this space up to just more than work from home tips, business start up advice, and anti-climatic finance advice. So today, I am here to spill the beans:

  1. I think this blog will be a good reflection of who I am as a person - accountant, business consultant, food lover, traveler, Gemini, single woman dating in LA. I know, it's a lot! But I do think as time goes by, I'll be able to really narrow down what I enjoy sharing and talking about.

  2. I'll share my experiences as I live them. Because who doesn't want the tea?

  3. Maybeeee I'll think about a podcast. I said MAYBE! In general, we don't talk about hard things, and I want to change that.

  4. Last but the most important - this is a safe space! If you find anything I write about helpful, inspiring, motivating, or just plain offensive, please tell me!! I would love the support, kind words, and constructive criticism.

I am so excited to see what this blog will unfold, how amazing 2024 will be, and I am so grateful for you to be a part of my journey!

Love & Always,


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